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The MindShare Challenge is a LIVE Group Coaching Webinar Series.

For some it's about new habits – creating success.

For others it's reviewing where you are now, and how to win more tomorrow.

For everyone, it's about creating your system to -

Work easier. Spend less. and Make more!

What's it cover?

Session 1: A Day in the Life of You - Time Management, creating Predictable Days with Income Producing Activities.

Session 2: The AMH Theorem - Learn how to evaluate your existing marketing budget and adjust it for a higher ROI.

Session 3: The 10yr Plan - How to create a resilient referral strategy that generates massive results.

Session 4: Social Media Boot Camp - The ins and outs of Social Media, and how to act with purpose to build your business while not wasting time.

Session 5: This isn't Hollywood - How to easily incorporate Video as a tactic in your overall Marketing Strategy.

Session 6: The World Wide Web - This is what you really need to know about Websites and Online Lead gen to help you get more deals.

Session 7: Prospecting with a Purpose - How to find, create, and convert new leads into long term relationships.

Session 8: #MindShare = Market Share - The key business strategies that create your success system.

What do you get?

  • 8 Live Interactive Group Webinars
  • The MindShare Challenge Resource Center
  • Access to our Members only Facebook Group
  • Resource Guides
  • Consistent Motivation and Accountability
  • A Success System that will work for you and your business