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“The more I learn from you, the more COURAGE I get for myself and my business. Thank you for continuing to encourage me”

Irina A.

Right At Home

“Wow very very grateful to have you with us as MC and Speaker this year, you took the event up 10 notches…I am thrilled and you have a strong recommendation from me for any event looking for an MC or Speaker”

Kathleen B.


“you completely ROCKED the ultimate team summit, there isn’t a person on this planet that has your kind of energy! Wicked job!”

Samantha S.

Engel & Volkers

“Finally got to see the man himself in person! What a fantastic Speaker!!”

Sarah C.

Street City

“If all you do is follow David’s program, you can’t help but be a success in your business!”

Trevor E.

Century 21

“You rocked it today!! Your energy and passion brings the audience to a new level”

Ron O.

Century 21

"Thank you for bringing MindShare to our Brokerage, you always bring so much positive energy!”

Theresa K.

Century 21

“Our keynote speaker… your energy and message that you bring to the stage are incredible”

Steve J.


“David Greenspan is an amazing Speaker! Very inspirational and full of fantastic information. If you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak, you’ll be as thankful as I am!”

Heather O.

Team Experience C21


David is a well known national keynote speaker, consultant and sales coach. He has been teaching Sales Professionals for over 15 years helping them develop more effective systems and processes. He is the Co-founder & VP of KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems, a powerful marketing system that keeps his clients top of mind at all times. This has provided him the opportunity to have over tens of thousands of conversations, to listen and learn about the various issues and challenges Sales Professionals are faced with each day. This paved the way for Mindshare101.

As Founder and & CEO of MindShare101 Inc. David focuses his days on providing value to Sales Professionals, mapping out the step by step process for daily efficiencies, and helping his clients bridge the gap between their online and their offline marketing to achieve a higher ROI on every marketing dollar spent.

David teaches you how to get customers to think of you first. His mission is to help Sales Professionals achieve the elusive work life balance, and build MindShare so they're always in the right place at the right time.

"David’s experience and go forward way of thinking has developed into a series of thought provoking Keynote Presentations, One to One Coaching, Group Coaching, and On Demand Trainings. He is the Host of The MindShare PodCast, and also creates exciting, fun, high energy videos, branded as “#MindShare101”. He says, “when you build MindShare, you gain MarketShare!”


The high energy, motivation, and excitement that David brings to the stage ALWAYS has an overwhelming positive reaction from the organization, the attendees, and the overall event. David helps the audience understand their potential and influence they have as a Sales Professional. He helps the audience utilize the right tools and approaches to support ongoing success.

Across North America, David is seen as a trusted and popular, strategic-go-to resource, for Businesses, Offices, and National Organizations.

“Our keynote speaker… your energy and message that you bring to the stage are incredible” -Steve J. Re/Max

“David Greenspan is an amazing Speaker! Very inspirational and full of fantastic information. If you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak, you’ll be as thankful as I am!!” -Heather O. Team Experience C21



From David's keynote speaking presentations to his ONE-to-ONE sales coaching David combines new school technology with old school strategy saying “new ways are just new; it doesn’t mean they’re better”. The key to long lasting relationships in sales involves real human one to one interaction. No computer, app, or smartphone can replace that.
At Drupa in 2016, KiTS was recognized globally with an award for Top 3 Best-of-the-Best for Personal Promotion Marketing, and most recently in 2022 KiTS won top spot at the Premier Print Awards for 1:1 Marketing.

Having built strategic platforms for Fortune 500’s, David and his amazing team developed KiTS; a system used to help sales people manage and enhance relationships, driving warm leads, increasing repeat and referral business, ultimately creating an easier path to making more money.

David teaches the power of combining the appropriate marketing channels, with the right targeted audience, as well as the necessary amount of hustle to build your brand, your MindShare in the minds of others.



David has coached thousands through his keynote speaking presentations, Group Training, and his exclusive ONEtoONE Coaching Program. He helps you get to where you want to go. This isn’t a “do it my way approach”. This is custom fitting to what works best for you. Telling it like it is, he says the things that need to be said, motivates you, and holds you accountable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Coaching you did for me.  At the time, my business was struggling as I was spending more money on the people who didn't know, like or trust me, and with your help I improved my marketing to my SOI.  From the bottom to the top is how my business flourished!!!! I would recommend your Coaching to anyone and everyone that will listen!!!

– John G. Royal LePage


David speaking on stage