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Live Online Marketing Sales Course For Realtors

Join the group Challenge!



This is a LIVE Online Group Coaching Webinar Series for Realtors.

We Start on Sept 8th at 12pm ET, and are running a 1hr Live Session every Tuesday and Thursday for 4 Weeks.

For some it's about new habits – creating success.

For others it's reviewing where you are now, and how to win more tomorrow.

For everyone, it's about creating your system to -

Work easier. Spend less. and Make more!

  • Do you ever wonder how you're going to get your next deal?

  • Do you rack your brain on how to grow your network?

  • Are you spending money on marketing and not sure if you're budgeting it properly or seeing the ROI from your marketing efforts?

  • Do you feel you should be leveraging Social Media more, but it seems too foreign to you and or too much out of your comfort zone? And let's face it, you just don't have all the time for it!

  • Do you struggle with your systems and how to stay on top of it all?

No problem when you know how to build MindShare!


Its Easy, It's Smart & Makes Sense!

Brian WD Martinson
Royal LePage, Ontario 

What do you do when you're faced with these problems...hire someone else to do it for you? If so, you become very disconnected with your network.

You don't evolve with technology, you don't get out of your comfort zone, and in turn you don't grow your business.

We understand what you're going through, and that's why this Challenge was created!

Other MindShare Challengers felt the same. It worked for them, and it can work for YOU too!

What's it cover?

Session 1: A Day in the Life of You - Time Management, creating Predictable Days with Income Producing Activities.

Session 2: The AMH Theorem - Learn how to evaluate your existing marketing budget and adjust it for a higher ROI.

Session 3: The 10yr Plan - How to create a resilient referral strategy that generates massive results.

Session 4: Social Media Boot Camp - The ins and outs of Social Media, and how to act with purpose to build your business while not wasting time.

Session 5: This isn't Hollywood - How to easily incorporate Video as a tactic in your overall Marketing Strategy.

Session 6: The World Wide Web - This is what you really need to know about Websites and Online Lead gen to help you get more deals.

Session 7: Prospecting with a Purpose - How to find, create, and convert new leads into long term relationships.

Session 8: #MindShare = Market Share - The key business strategies that create your success system.

What do you get?

  • 8 Live Interactive Group Webinars
  • The MindShare Challenge Resource Center
  • Gamified Dashboard - complete it and earn your MindShare Marketing Master Certification
  • Access to our Private Members Only Facebook Group
  • Resource Guides, Scripts, and Tools
  • Consistent Motivation and Accountability
  • A Success System that will work for You and your Business
  • A 90 Day CRM Trial With Marketing Material, and a Complete Support System - helping you every step of the way


Regular $497




*KiTS Members, C21 Network, get in touch before registering!

Challengers to date have done...






Social Media Engagements


New Contacts


Deals Closed and counting


Listing Presentations


New Buyers


New Referrals

David Worked with what I Had and Helped Me Grow! 

“It was different! I loved the energy, it was personable, friendly and I adored the support. I loved being challenged and it gave me great new ideas. The dashboard kept me accountable and pushed me towards my goals. David worked with what I had and helped me grow. I have taken other courses and never did anything with them, but I'm taking action with the MindShare Challenge. Other courses just put me under a blanket with the rest of the Realtors. I'm looking forward to moving along with all of this new knowledge I now have. This is a course anybody and everybody should take! ”

Jacqui Hughes

C21, British Columbia

It's A New Twist! 

“This Challenge has been great! David is sticking to the fundamentals, but it's a new twist and really sharp on Social Media. You don't want to miss this. If you are serious about your business you have to do this! ”

Nick Lalli

C21, Ontario

MindShare Nation!

“I have been speaking to more people, getting super active on social media and been getting myself more organized. I look forward to each challenge each week. I appreciate you David! ”

Jordan Glaser

Remax, Ontario

David Keeps You Accountable And Motivates You!

“We all hear how to use social media. But the way David explains it, is simply invaluable. David gets you working with your SOI, he keeps you accountable and kept me motivated. David taught me how to prospect with a purpose. This is all done in a friendly and competitive environment. I can keep going but you will have to take the Challenge so you can learn from him too!”

Rena Prefontaine

C21, Manitoba

You can continue to do what you've been doing...


You can learn how to up your efforts to grow your business and learn how increased MindShare = More MarketShare!


Which do you really want for yourself?