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The KiTS Cross Channel Marketing Suite is fully integrated and market proven. Using psychographic data points, Sales Professionals have the opportunity to connect personally, sharing relevant information, nurturing relationships, and building MindShare. Easily. Automatically. Continuously.

KiTS combines the power of Cross Channel Marketing with the science of Variable Data Publishing to build MindShare. At drupa, KiTS was awarded globally with Top 3 Best-of- the-Best for Personal Promotion Marketing.

Kits cross channel Marketing for Realtors


CRM designed for how you think.

Built for how you work..

In Office. On-the-go. Desktop. Mobile. In-sync, always.

Easy to use –

  • Buyer, Seller, Lead & Closing Manager
  • Calendar that’s Revolutionized & Google-ized
  • Geo-Tagging taken to the next level
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Email reminders
  • SmartPhone – Desktop. Always In-Sync

Effectively Manage –

  • GeoTaggging for GeoProspecting
  • Your Marketing Contact List
  • Calendar Events, Meetings & Reminders – Google Sync
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Drip Marketing to Buyers
  • Email Updates
  • Holiday & Life Event Relationship Points
  • Next Call and Last Called Dates

Loop is new CRM – Designed for Today! And it’s easy to use!


What: 10 Touchpoints. Sizes & shapes change issue to issue.

Who: The people who already know you, like & trust you.

Why: If you’re not on their “mind”, someone else is.

KiTS publishes real-time relevant communications from you, to your Referral Audience. It’s relevant & up-to-date, so it gets noticed.

KiTS – MOST Brandable, MOST Variablized 1-to-1, MOST Personalized.

Effective Direct Marketing:

  • Branded to you, and then…
  • Personalized to every one of your Contacts by:

-House type – selectable from 5 Home Styles

-How you know them – selected from 5 Relationship Types

-23 Language Intro Choices

-Holiday Greetings & Holiday Covers

-YES, a different newsletter for every different recipient

  • Envelope sparks attention .
  • Stamped – Stamped mail gets opened.
  • Fast to Market – Real news written at time of production.
  • Listing & Sold Picks – Show, Tell & Share your success.
  • Branded Template Library – for a different image each edition.
marketing for realtors website & social media images


What: Your KiTS marketing includes your personalized QR Code.

PLUS, your own branded Mobile MicroSite.

Option for full www responsive site

Your KiTS Mobile MicroSite:

  • Branded to you
  • Displays Your Market Picks – Listings & Solds, in real-time,

Direct Links to –

  • Your Phone
  • Your Email
  • Your Social Media HotLinks

Branded IDX/DDF WebSite option

What: Website – Branded & Personalized to YOU

  • Your Own Domain Name
  • DDF/IDX Listings Display & Search
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Capture & Lead Register
  • Leads Auto Enter into your Loop CRM
  • Real-time Notifications to You
  • You can Add/Edit: Pictures, Articles, Video
  • You can Add Blog Styled Articles and Pics
  • Financial Calculators
  • Your Social Media Hot-Links
  • Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Optimized


What: Email News branded to you and from you.
Who: Connected COI Influencers, Past Clients & Prospects.
Why: This email strategy makes sense.

Ready-to-go articles, PLUS Option to add your own stories or promotions

eNews delivers:

  • HTML format
  • Include your Market Picks – SOLD and/or For Sale
  • Monthly distribution
  • Dashboard Stats Open Rate, Bounce and more

PLUS New and Market Leading – Geo eMailer Unique to Kits, eNews segmented by Geo-mapping

  • Save Campaign Areas
  • Super Targeted Messaging
  • A whole new way to message Condo Buildings
marketing for realtors email system
marketing for realtors vdp calendar images


What: 12 months of WOW!
Who: Your COI. Your Boosters. Your Influencers.
Why: Grabs BIG attention.

Calendars have become ho-hum. Everybody makes them. Everybody sends them. BUT, a KiTS calendar is “the” calendar that hangs around all year. It’s a keeper!

Delivers 100% WOW! Your Contact’s name is a personalized part of the photo – every month.

  • 150 contacts = 150 very different calendars.
  • Every month is branded to you.
  • Your contact’s name, personalized into each month
  • You pick who receives …KiTS does the rest.

Customized To You. Personalized To Them …it’s KiTS!