What does it cost?

Bring one Realtor – That’s it. There are no additional costs to participate for KiTS Members.

How do I sign up?

This event is by Invite Only. As a KiTS Member, if you have received an invite from us, you must bring one Realtor Colleague to participate.

What if my Colleague doesn’t send in the participation agreement?

As this is free to you, you do require a Colleague to participate. So if the first person you spoke with is not interested, please feel free to invite someone else.

My colleague changed their mind... can I still participate?

As this is free to you, you do require a Colleague to participate. If your Colleague changes their mind, you may ask someone else to join. The process is the same- complete their info and we’ll follow up.

Why does my Colleague need to complete a subscriber agreement with a credit card number?

We’re giving everyone who participates approx. $2000.00 in value. We’ll be using KiTS Loop CRM as our platform during this Challenge. All Participants will have the opportunity to receive free marketing materials. The only cost will be postage, shipping, and taxes. An account is required to be set up, as part of, and included with their participation. At the end of the Challenge everyone will have the opportunity to keep their account open. Buy in is not mandatory. Your Colleague can still participate without payment info, they simply won’t be able to take advantage of some of the special gifts for completing tasks. Marketing is integral to everyone’s success. This Challenge is a big picture outlook on their success moving forward. Any fees associated to the marketing are minimal.

What if I don’t complete all the tasks?

In order to receive free marketing products, you must be present for that Session, and you must complete the tasks.

We’re a team and we all want to attend... do we each need to bring another realtor?

Teams are always welcome! If each Member of your Team has their own account, then each Team member would be required to bring a Colleague. If the Team shares the account, then only one Realtor Colleague from outside your Team is required.

Can I bring more than one colleague?

Yes, you are welcome to bring more than one colleague; you both simply need to follow the same registration process.

What’s involved in terms of commitment/tasks?

The Challenge is 1hr per week over the course of 8 weeks. Certain Sessions will include tasks such as filling out personal charts, to making phone calls, to sending emails, and even scheduling. We’re going to help you create a solid foundation of good habits. This is about living it, not just doing it.

What if I can’t make a session?

If you can’t make a session, you will find recordings in the Facebook group.

Can I opt out at any time?

You may opt out at anytime, but why would you?

Does my Colleague/Friend have to be a Realtor?

Your friend must be a Realtor to participate, and cannot be an existing KiTS Member.

Does my Assistant count as my Colleague?

If your Assistant is a licensed Realtor who wants to set up a system to work their own database, then Yes they may join. If this is just so they can learn “for” you, then no they do not count. They are of course more than welcome to sit in with you and understand the systems you’re learning to help with implementation.

What is the free stuff?

The free “stuff” includes resource guides, scripts, and marketing materials. Lots of added value!

What does it cost?

Bring one Realtor – That’s it. There are no additional costs to participate for KiTS Members.


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