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Group Coaching + MindShare Marketing



Group Coaching

 This is a simple cost effective way for you to develop into a better stronger version of you. This is food for your brain.

You will have access to our Live Bi-Monthly Webinars which will cover a range of topics, and will include special guest appearances.

You will receive our weekly PodCast recording directly to your inbox.

And you will become a Member of our Private MindShare101 Community so you can continuously learn, stay motivated, and connect with other like minded people.

MindShare Marketing

Marketing builds MindShare.

When we’re not actually there, when we don’t have the time, when we want to get the word out, Marketing does this for us. We need to consistently remind people that the doors are open, the lights are on, we are available to help them at all times.

MindShare Marketing keeps you top of mind, putting you in the right place at the right time.

Your CRM will help you to build your book of business.

100 keep in touch letters  will be mailed  directly for you helping you subconsciously build a relationship with your contacts, and their home. After all, when they think of their home, you want them to think of YOU first.

You will show up in their inbox at least once a month automatically.

You will receive curated relevant social media content helping you save time thinking about what to say on Social Media.

You will have access to a long list of tools within Loop CRM, including our exclusive GeoSearch tool.

And you will have access to free technical support anytime you need it.

Your MindShare Marketing System by KiTS will deliver the right message across the right channel to the right audience, easily and automatically for you.

*Initial Payment for Marketing is only the set up fee. Then it is only $177.50 per month beginning in your first publishing month. Standard Set Up designed around your Company Brand is $260. Custom Set Up designed around your Personal Brand is $380. This is a one time fee.


Group + MindShare Marketing - Monthly Standard
$260 once and $19 / Month
Designed around your company brand.
Group + MindShare Marketing - Monthly Custom
$380 once and $19 / Month
Designed around your personal brand. 
Group + MindShare Marketing - Yearly Standard
$260 once and $199 / Year
Designed around your company brand.
Group + MindShare Marketing - Yearly Custom
$380 once and $199 / Year
Designed around your personal brand.