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MENTORSHIP from real life manifesters who can validate results of their own. [Karyn + Jen practice what they preach every single day]


ACTION STEPS to identify and change your limiting beliefs.Your belief system will determine what you believe is possible and how you react to obstacles.

Therefore identifying any limiting beliefs you currently hold and the actions you take is a key component to your long term success.


THE MANIFESTATION PROCESS that will attract money, love, healthy relationships, business success and so much more!

The process will be duplicatable for you to implement over and over into your life.


ACCOUNTABILITY to transforming your life with our support and support of a community who are all rooting for you and your success.

You will have direct access to Karyn + Jen over the entire 90 days to ask any questions at any time. Nobody else has direct access like this.



Karyn Medeiros & Jennifer Greenspan are best friends and became business partners in 2019.

They have been practicing gratitude and manifestation for the last decade. They have experienced the power this has had in their lives and continue to witness many miracles.

Their passion is to show you how to open up your mind to the power of gratitude and manifestation so you can also impact your life.

"$1000 unexpectedly just came my way! The money was of that of someone who owed us, totally forgot about and I never expected back!"

Cassandra M

"So yesterday I downloaded the FREE MANIFEST MONEY in 3 easy steps and today at work we had a meeting and we're getting a $2 raise I'm so excited!"

Heather Bayliss

"Recently I was losing sleep over the fact that I had two credit cards owing a little under $4000. Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to lose anymore sleep over it, I was just find a way to pay it, be positive and manifest it will come to me. I asked someone for guidance and a plan to pay it off, and without hesitation they paid it off for me (Commence ugly crying). I didn’t expect that at all."

T. T.

"Holy crap it works! I manifested that I needed $5000 and to find help to get a new job the money came to me today and tomorrow I have an interview with the place that helps handicapped people find their self worth in a job that they will love. 

UPDATE: WOW! Get this one I had to zoom today with the organisations that are helping me get my resume done. A new job had just come to them, and he wanted me to apply… guess what job is? … Helping handicapped people fight barriers to gain employment!! I almost fainted! This manifesting is so real."

Valerie M.

"Good morning ended the day yesterday with $1225 in manifested payments. It’s truly magical what is happening.

UPDATE: Well Well Well,  I know you love this update I've even gotten to post my affirmation yet but I started saying them as well as true believing my financial situation will get better this month…. woke up to an unexpected $900 deposit"


"I wanted to share this with you last night I watched your video on release and let go of anger, it was amazing thank you for sharing. I had been carrying anger with me for a long time towards people who have hurt me I wrote them letters last night and released it ask the universe for guidance. I felt so much better afterwards and today I don't feel angry it's amazing how much better I feel thanks for that video I really needed it "

Ethel M.

"Your manifestation is freaking amazing exclamation so far today I paid for my daughter's college application I wasn't going to let her apply just yet I really don't have the $115 to spare especially with Christmas but figured why not and within 30 minutes I had three deposits that are just under $100! "

Barb N.


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