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The MindShare Online Community is located on Facebook. It is a group for Entrepreneur Sales Professionals to learn, share best practices, ask questions, collaborate, and refer one another.

Chances are that the questions you have about your business, others have as well. This is a place to have those questions answered. Anything and everything.

Chances are that you’ve tried different marketing tools, or are thinking about trying others. This is a place to share your experiences, and ask others how it has worked for them. And for you to ask us how you can learn to use a specific tool to help you generate more business.

As Administrators, our MindShare Team will be providing tips, tricks, and resources on a consistent basis. The focus will be on Marketing to help you simplify the What, How, and Why for any tool available in the market to you.

We are going to help you simplify, and implement.

**Each week, multiple times a week, we will go Live in the group to discuss specific topics, and answer live questions.

This group is for you if you’re looking for people to bounce ideas off of, if you’re looking to speak with other like minded business people, if you’re looking for Group Coaching and Training, but at the moment you’re not ready to commit. This is for you if you need that one on one help, but also cannot yet commit to Consulting just yet.


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