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Learn in a Group Environment. As a Group, we get together virtually, meeting twice a month using a private sign in link. Held on the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month. Each meeting will have a defined topic that runs for 45 mins with a 15-minute Q&A at the end. From time to time we will also be joined by special guests who will share additional knowledge with you, hot seats and panels. This environment provides you the ability to be Coached, and to network with like minded people. The goal is to keep you motivated, inspired and continuing helping you develop the necessary skills to run a successful business.

This is you sitting down in a front of a mirror asking yourself all the questions you need answered…just this time the mirror talks back. This is your dose of caffeine, your shot of energy, this is going to help you win your days and achieve your goals. Whether its systems, motivation, technology, there is always something you can improve on. This is not a do it my way approach, instead we figure who you are, how you work, and what you ultimately want to achieve, and then together we help you get there. Motivation, Accountability, and a Plan. Helping you each step of the way, giving you the support, you need to be even more successful.

No, I do not. I did obtain my real estate license so I could learn what you learn, and what you don’t learn. I went to school for Marketing. And for the past 15yrs, I have been working with and teaching Real Estate industry professionals how to market themselves more effectively.

Because I tell it like it is. I don’t sugar coat it, I don’t tell you to do it my way. I help you make it come to life in a way that you can implement it for you and sustain it for the long haul. I tell you the stuff others don’t. I am here for you. I am the one who will be your coach, not someone who works for me. I will help you figure it all out, I will motivate you to be even better. I will keep you accountable. You will also have access to my private network of expert connections if you require. I am your secret weapon.

Group Coaching - is month to month. We will bill you at the beginning of each month for the following month. You can cancel at anytime.

One to One Coaching - is a 6 Month commitment so we can achieve results. At the end of the 6 Months our contract is over, unless you decide you would like to renew for another 6-month period.

We’re all about you. We help you mix the offline with the online. Whether you are “old school” or “new school”, we know how to work with you. Because there is nothing else like MindShare101.

Each call will last 30 minutes, and we will do these twice a month. We will make sure to cover off what you need to cover, not just what I want to go over with you. You will always walk away from this call with a solution, and action items.

Our calls are 30 minutes, but I realize sometimes there will be that quick one-off questions you might have, or you may need an opinion and just want to know my thoughts. We will set up a private encrypted “what’s app” chat so you will have access to me as you need it.

If you are coachable and want to take your business to the next level, this is a good fit for you. If you want to reach your maximum potential then only those who are coached can reach this. If you are still uncertain then contact us at and book a free 15-30 minute consult.

You are not coachable. You are not ready to take your business to the next level. You are not ready to expand your network, increase your income.


KiTS is a Keep-in-Touch System with a complete cross channel marketing system for you. Awarded #3 in a Global Competition for Self Promotion Marketing, KiTS drives a 25% higher response rate because of its VDP technology. This is unmatched by any system in the industry. A powerful CRM drives your passive touch points, while keeping you organized with your active touchpoints. Automated, and easy to use, KiTS will send out VDP keep in touch letters, and eMail marketing for you. It provides you with curated social media content, WOW Calendars, Websites with live listing feeds, and more promotional tools to help you stay top of mind and drive more sales. This is your complete marketing system.

MindShare Marketing by KiTS simply requires a 45-day cancellation notice.

No problem! Our listed package is based on 100 people to make it easy to calculate costs. If you have more or less contacts, you will simply be billed accordingly. 

They are not included but are only $18.95/month add on. Everything can be managed within Loop CRM making it easy for anyone, no matter how techy you are or aren’t, to keep your site up to date. Check out a sample here (

Sweet! We can brand everything accordingly. We do a really kick ass job with this. Everything takes on your colors, logos, pictures, fonts. Everything will look just like you want it to.

MindShare Marketing by KITS does have a one time set up fee of either $260 for Standard or $380 for Custom. Standard will be a branded company look. Custom will be your custom branding.

As a KiTS Member you will have access to order the calendars. The cost of the calendars is not included in the quoted price. They are in addition, and cost is based on quantity. You will have complete access to this once signed into your Loop CRM account.

Technical support is available Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm eastern time. The best part is, we offer Phone support with a real live person. There are no automated menus, or press 1 for this or 2 for that. You will actually be able to speak with someone for quick 1 to 1 help.

Yes, Coaching & Marketing is billed separate this way it is easier to continue with 1 services over the other.

Coaching is billed by MindShare101 Inc. Accepting credit cards, cheques and e transfers.

Marketing is billed by KiTS Keep-in-Touch Systems. We do this so that it’s easy for you to cancel one or the other at anytime without needing to give everything up. Accepts all credit cards, expect for Amex.