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There are 7 Ways to Communicate with another person and communication is paramount in the world of sales.

We know how important it is to constantly be growing our network. But how do we do that when we’re unsure what to say to people, and what channels we should be using to say it? Being in Sales, its as if everyone always thinks we have a hidden agenda.

The 7 Ways to Communicate Video Series includes 7 Videos. Each Video defines what the channel is, and why it is important. And each will provide you with real life examples for how to do deliver the right message, across the right channel, to the right audience everyday.

My Goals for you are:

  • To help you identify the communications channels you need to be consistently leveraging.
  • To help you build positive MindShare to grow your business.
  • To help you build your network, and communicate with your existing network resulting in strong, long lasting relationships.

In this series, I break down each channel specifically, focusing in on why to use it, and I provide you with actionable takeaways, using real life examples that you can implement immediately. Whether you’re shy, you’re not outgoing, or you feel you know exactly how to communicate with just about anyone, this training will give you little tricks to get even better. If you’re interested, but might be thinking that you just don't have the time, I have 2 things to say to that, 1) you need to feed your brain if you want to have more success, and this is a powerful way to do it, and 2) you will have lifetime access to these videos allowing you to watch them and re-watch them at your convenience.

Here’s what you will get:

No one likes to be sold, instead have fun, be a friend, and not a salesperson. In this video you will learn what to say, and how to say it when in person with people in order to carry, and transition the conversation when the opportunity presents itself.

Ever wonder when its the right time to call, and what you should say? Are you reluctant to make the call, but know you should be doing more of them? In this video I give you the plan for when to call, what to say, and what to do after the calls, so you can help automate the process and make it way easier the next time around.

A short and sweet way to connect with people, the text message is a highly personal touch point. When is the right time to use it, when is the wrong time to use it, how do we use it to our advantage? In this video we cover it all.

This is your only form of marketing that actually connects with someone’s home. It increases response rates for your overall marketing strategy by up to 70%. It has a longer shelf life than any other marketing you do. In this video we review why, and how to use paper to your advantage, even in this world full of technology.

More than 50% of the email we receive in a day is spam. Email is a quick, easy low cost way to deliver a business message. In this video you will learn how to send effective emails that help you build MindShare and support the business message you want to share with your audience.

Social Media is “Social” Media, it is not business media. This is not your platform to sell. It is free to use, free to connect, and free to share. But you may be thinking well I just don’t have the time. We need to acknowledge that hiring someone to do your social media is like hiring someone to go to a party for you. It makes no sense. In this video you will learn how to act with purpose and intent to leverage this free powerful channel. You will also learn how to schedule the right amount of time so you don’t have to spend money on a non effective campaign.

It’s one thing to spend money on buying leads, it’s a whole other thing to actually convert them. In this video we discuss the different options for generating leads, we review the funnel process for the different steps we need to take to convert them, and we review what your website should contain in order to be an effective online business card for you.

By adjusting your strategy for the way you communicate with your network, and by consistently leveraging all 7 Ways to Communicate, you will always be top of mind, putting you in the right place at the right time even though you don’t know when that time is. Bottom line, this will lead to more referrals, and more deals for you.

For $37, if this series helps you get 1 new lead, or even better helps you get 1 new deal, would it have been worth it for you? For a limited time offer you can grab the video series, and get lifetime access right now.

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