Videos for Salespeople,
that Inspire, Poke & Provoke.

35 years in Real Estate biz AND even he knows it.

Predictable Days?


When you know the plan, you will be more effective, so you'll make more. And you'll be less stressed - so you'll be happier.


Get Into Their Head

Being an "After-Thought" means a missed sale!  Be first-up whenever someone who knows you, thinks Real Estate.



Fortune 500 Companies are built on consistency. Brand, Timing AND Repetition. ALL add together to create success!

70% - 90% of your business comes from Group #1.
So why spend 70% - 90% of your money on Group #2??

Realtor Lead Funnel

Spring Market Ahead - Ready?

Your audience notice your Marketing??

CRM + Relationships = SUCCESS. How you use it matters!

3 Things You Want & Need to Know About CASL

A Broadway Styled Listing Presentation

We're always told:
Get an Elevator Speech.

What's Yours? Here's Mine...

Got an Elevator Speech?
Here would be Mine...

Inman Connect New York - perspectives

They Gott'a Sell How Much??

Millennials DO NOT wake up and hug a tree every morning ...just sayin'

The Referral Sweet Spot!

Back from Inman Connect San Fran

CRM. HOW and WHY to use one.

MindShare = MarketShare
Loop CRM  organizes predictable days.
KiTS Cross Channel Marketing builds MindShare.
You make more. Easier.
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