What is Mindshare?

Did you know you can change the way a person thinks by getting into their mind?

When someone mentions “running shoes” your first thought is probably “Nike”. The idea of “fast food” will most likely remind you of “McDonalds”, the same way “soda” makes you think of “Coca Cola”.

This is called MindShare, a top of mind intuitive, instinctive reaction to a product or service.

By delivering the right message to the right audience across the right channel, you will build MindShare and change the way people think, when they think about what you do.

It’s the art of getting into someone else’s head, finding that tiny spot and staying there, creating instant recollection when they’re in need of the service you provide.

MindShare is the foundation of your business. It will allow you to spend less, while earning more. If you could make life easier, why wouldn’t you?


KiTS combines the power of Cross Channel Marketing with the magic of Variable Data Publishing to build MindShare. Having developed strategic platforms for Fortune 500s, David and his amazing Team developed KiTS. A system to help salespeople manage and enhance relationships, so they can ultimately feed the bottom line, and create an easier path in their businesses.

KiTS is a subscription-based service with Subscribers from Coast to Coast, in both the Real Estate and Mortgage space. Working with companies such as CIBC, Scotiabank, RE/MAX, Royal LePage, Century 21, Coldwell Banker, HomeLife, The Mortgage Alliance of Canada, along with most all other Real Estate and Mortgage Companies in the Country.

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